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Their Stories

"Hey young man. This is not the closest way to the Bulgewater County. You better choose the west road of the Wisteria Crossroad."

"Oh look at this thick skin. Everybody's waiting for their turn and now you want to get buried in such nice place far far away?
Hey, you better go to my grave plot. It's much closer and so beautifu..."

"I heard your goddamned hometown story fo hundreds of time that my ossicles almost worn out, ma'am.
Why don't we just shut up for this painful journey? You can have some talks with the devils after burial."

"Your sister's pelvis was so huge that even three baby skulls could go through the hole."

"That bastard is talking shit again. I heard he was mental and still barking like a dog even after brain fluid dried out."

"My jaw! Where is my jaw! I can't eat without my jaw!"

"His jaw was gone sucking dragon dick."

"This rude boy is ignoring me again! I told you Bulgewater County is not this way..."